PostGPS: GPX conversion tool for Quantum GIS

I just uploaded a Python plugin that I made called PostGPS to the QGIS repositories. It is still very rough, and I will likely be rewriting most of it shortly, but I just put it up for a field course that I will be teaching. The most important part of the tool is that it can convert any point layer (or only selected points) from within QGIS and convert it to a GPX format. We will likely be using this a fair bit, as we will have a number of crews on the go simultaneously while we’re in Saskatchewan, and each crew will need their own GPS with the coordinates to get to the sites they should be collecting. Hopefully I find time to do a bit of a rewrite before we are in the field, and get it working a little smoother (and remove the dependency for the psycopg module, as it’s not really necessary any more).

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