LaTeX and Palaeontologia Electronica

I’ve been trying to prepare a manuscript for submission to Palaeontologia Electronica (PE), and as my workflow at the moment has been revolving around LaTeX, I took te plunge into creating my own custom bibliography style file in PE format. Luckily for me I could use the great makebst.tex file by Patrick W. Daly which simplified the process to a series of multiple choice questions. I somehow doubt that there is that many other palaeontologists using LaTeX for manuscript submissions, but anyhow here’s the palelec.bst file (I can’t upload .bst files to this site, so just copy and save the text in a text editor as palelec.bst). Hopefully it works, as I’ve been fighting a bit with WordPress to get it to render properly, but if need be, you can always contact me and I can send out a copy of the original .bst file.

UPDATED: This is a link to the original file.

3 responses to “LaTeX and Palaeontologia Electronica

  1. Hi Matthew,
    Enjoyed poking through your blog. I’ve experimented a bit with LaTeX and LyX. I really like LyX but found that cajoling collaborators and editors into dealing with LaTeX / pdf was too much effort. One of the benefits to LaTeX/LyX for me was the sweave integration with R. I’ve now switched to using OpenOffice with R/odfWeave and Zotero and that works nicely. Still I miss the beautiful output LaTeX and ease of Bibtex.

  2. Thanks for the info! I’m also using latex for a manuscript to be submitted to PE. Did you have any problem during the process or some feedback worth mentioning?

    Thanks again.

    • Not much in the way of feedback, other than it worked fine. However, as I’ve found from PE and other places I’ve submitted LaTeX/PDF manuscripts, even though the process works for me, the journals/editors/reviewers often don’t care for it. I’ve basically switched back to LibreOffice for everything, as most reviewers either want to directly mark up a .doc file or else the journal requires you to submit a .doc file with tracked changes to show your corrections. Even PeerJ requests this, despite having arguably tight integration with Overleaf, an online LaTeX editor, a fact which I recently found out first hand.

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