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pdflatex errors and R

I was getting an error checking packages in R on an Ubuntu 10.10 machine using the ‘R CMD check’ command saying:

LaTeX errors when creating PDF version. This typically indicates Rd problems.

I have no idea what R’s problem with pdflatex was (I’ve been using pdflatex for writing papers just fine) but once I installed the texlive-full package (a metapackage that installed all sorts of other packages) the check ran without any errors. If in doubt, this package seems to install everything that might be missing (along with the kitchen sink).

BiBTeX and the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences

While prepping a manuscript for the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, I needed a BiBTeX (.bst) style file that I could use to format my references properly if I wanted to use BiBTeX and LaTeX to write the manuscript. CJES does alow you to submit LaTeX (.tex) files, however I couldn’t find a reference style file online. Instead, I used the custom-bib package to create a custom file that matched up with the CJES reference format. In order to hopefully save others from extra work, I’ve posted the resulting file here for anyone to use. Be forewarned though, some of the more awkward types of references may not be exactly as they should be, and for the final submission I think you may need to copy the bibliography and paste it directly in the LaTeX file you submit.


LaTeX and Palaeontologia Electronica

I’ve been trying to prepare a manuscript for submission to Palaeontologia Electronica (PE), and as my workflow at the moment has been revolving around LaTeX, I took te plunge into creating my own custom bibliography style file in PE format. Luckily for me I could use the great makebst.tex file by Patrick W. Daly which simplified the process to a series of multiple choice questions. I somehow doubt that there is that many other palaeontologists using LaTeX for manuscript submissions, but anyhow here’s the palelec.bst file (I can’t upload .bst files to this site, so just copy and save the text in a text editor as palelec.bst). Hopefully it works, as I’ve been fighting a bit with WordPress to get it to render properly, but if need be, you can always contact me and I can send out a copy of the original .bst file.

UPDATED: This is a link to the original file.